Waring Portrait Art Gallery

Meet Liz Waring,
Photographic Artist

“Ever since childhood, using my Dad’s box camera, I have been infatuated with photography.  At college, how magical it was to witness that first development, seeing an image gradually appear from the milky chemical bath to take on a life of its own.

Being a professional portrait photographer for over 25 years, I am still in awe of capturing the fleeting expression of a loved one and transferring it to a two dimensional surface.  A photograph, unlike a video, allows the viewer to gaze at every nuance of the image, to linger as long as desired, to reminisce and reflect.  The word photography means writing with light.  And what grand communication it is!   Though it’s just a ‘piece of paper’ a photograph has an amazing power to elicit emotions and become an icon.  Family photographs are treasures, revered through generations.

What a privilege and blessing for me to have shared my gift of photography, creating lasting images for so many wonderful people. Continually learning about every aspect of photography and the digital arts, I feel exhilarated.  It’s as if time vanishes like sheets of paper to the wind!

True to my dual Gemini traits, the images I create with and for clients can range from the serene and timeless to the whimsical and zany. What fun.  Variety is the spice of life!

Beautiful photographs and pleasant memories are the fabric of life, like a coat of many colors to keep us warm in years to come.”


About Liz

A college graduate, concentrating in fine arts photography and psychology, Liz has studied with the most highly respected photographic portrait artists throughout the country.  She is a member of the Professional Photography Association of America and her images are included in their prestigious Loan Collection.

Up with Aging, the art of growing older with zest, is a great little gift book of wit and wisdom for the golden years, featuring her whimsical, hand-colored portraits of seniors. (Hard cover $25, Soft cover $20 autographed. Order on the contact page.)  Focus on Photos is an illustrated lecture she presents about the history and art of photography.

As a mother of two, she’s a very young grandmother of three, who are among her most favorite photo subjects.   Liz is active in community affairs, having served as President of UMA Dartmouth Library Associates, the Junior League of Fall River, and The Woman’s Club, a lecture series,  the Fall River Women’s Union which benefits women and children, and was honored by the Fall River Chamber of Commerce for volunteerism.  She plays tennis and loves dark chocolate, but tries to avoid that for obvious reasons!

Clients benefit from Liz’s experience, enthusiasm, sincerity, patience, especially with young children, artistic vision, honesty, personalized service, and attention to detail. Using the finest printing for heirloom quality, along with up-to-date products, Liz offers a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.