Waring Portrait Art Gallery


Imagine a beautiful portrait of your loved ones gracing the walls of your home!

Capturing wonderful family memories is what I do.

How to plan your portrait.  I’d love to speak with you.  It’s always a pleasure to work with new clients.  Having an enjoyable time together during the portrait experience and creating a portrait you will truly love, is my goal.

I’ll look forward to knowing about you and your family and helping you plan a portrait to enhance your heart and home. We’ll talk about what’s important to you for the kind of portrait you desire.  Clothing and location for taking the portraits are two key factors for portrait style, as well as knowing where you will wish to display the finished image.   This complimentary consultation, either by phone or in person, will be the beginning of creating your unique portrait work of art.

Location.  Being photographed at your favorite location is important.  I’ll come to the environment which is meaningful to you, whether in Westport, nearby towns, or further distances, even requiring plane travel!  My winter location is New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  Beach portraits are always one hour before sunset to avoid harsh lighting.  For those needing to schedule earlier, portraits may be taken at your  home outdoor environment or a nearby shady park.

Portraits and Fees.  Desk and table top portraits start at $95.  Small wall portraits start at $275. A la carte pricing allows you to select exactly what you need.  All portrait enhancement is included, tending to the tiniest details, which brings an image from just ordinary, into the realm of art.  There are no hidden fees and portraits are presented to you for your choices in a stress free manner and without third party pressure.  Finished portraits are of the finest quality.  Session fees are paid to hold your appointment time.   $150 for nearby locations; indoor lighting set up $75 additional.  $125 fee within the studio. A wide variety of portrait sizes and finishes are available, such as wall groupings, image box collections, classic black and white, and holiday cards and unique frames.  Fine art paintings start at $550. What do clients generally spend?  Total investment ranges from $800 to three to five thousand or more, depending on individual desires and wall décor choices.  Selections are made from large screen projection within the studio.   Family members unable to attend may view images posted for a short duration on the web.

Guarantee.  If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with your portraits, we will do whatever is necessary to see that you are pleased, or all of your money will be refunded, without hassles or hard feelings.  Having twenty-five years of happy clients is a legacy I value and pledge to continue.

Children and Family.  What is more important?  The world has become a very complicated place at a hectic pace.  With my camera, and the talents I’ve been blessed with and nurtured, it’s a privilege that just for a time, I can stop the clock and preserve some special moments, creating photographs of your loved ones to cherish, to represent the heart of your home.

Go to the contact page and let’s get together and start planning a wonderful portrait!

Sincerely, Liz Waring